Current structural distribution of servers in China

Fri Dec 16 15:54:09 CST 2022

1. Market structure distributio

    China's PC server market has developed into a highly centralized and relatively stable market. The top six occupy 80% of the total market share, while the top three occupy more than 60%. From the perspective of market structure, education and small and medium-sized enterprise market have become bright spots, e-government also has a prominent pull on market demand, and large enterprises are still large buyers in the server market.

    With the gradual maturity of customers and the rapid change of technology, the server market is further subdivided. From the perspective of the government industry, with the gradual deepening of the construction of a harmonious society in China, the state has increased its investment in industries related to the national economy and the people's livelihood. The demand for server procurement in public utilities such as earthquake monitoring, safe cities, digital environmental protection, public health and cultural sharing has been continuously strengthened, and has become the main growth force of the industry for a long time. The Internet and government public utilities have become the two industry segments with the largest increment and growth respectively. The Chinese market has become the engine driving the growth of the server market in the whole Asia Pacific region.

2. Channel market structure

    Affected by the vastness and regional complexity of the Chinese market, the value of the server channel has been revalued. Strengthening the expansion and penetration of the regional market and increasing the support for the regional channels have become the core content of the channel construction of various manufacturers.

    From the perspective of channel market structure, regional Si, VaR and direct sales have gradually become the focus of server channels. All server manufacturers have generally increased the recruitment and support of Si / var with industry background and strong technical strength, improved the channel value-added ability, and provided more highly available solutions for industry users. In addition, customers' application needs are becoming more and more personalized and the market competition is becoming more and more fierce. In order to reduce transaction costs and meet customers' personalized needs, direct selling is becoming more and more popular.

3. Strength distribution of server manufacturers

    Among the domestic server manufacturers, Inspur server ranks first and fourth again, with a market share of 11.8%; Then Lenovo and dawn. It is worth mentioning that this is the 11th consecutive domestic first since Inspur won the first server sales champion in China in 1996. At the same time, it has the first market share in the government industry for five consecutive years.

    However, the new competitive situation has not broken the current competitive pattern of the server market, and the competition between Chinese and foreign brand camps is still in a stalemate. In terms of foreign manufacturers, IBM, HP and Dell continue to control the top three.

4. Regional market structure

Due to the imbalance of China's economic development, the construction speed of informatization is also very different. From the perspective of regional market, South China, North China and East China have the fastest growth. With the promotion of the national policy of revitalizing the northeast, the enterprise information construction environment in the Northeast has been gradually improved, and the information investment has increased. From the statistical results of sales in cities at different levels, the user demand in first-class cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou is strong, and the market growth in first-class cities is the fastest.