How to choose a server chassis with good performance

Fri Dec 16 14:45:21 CST 2022

    How to choose a good server chassis is the pursuit of computer enthusiasts, but many people do not know how to choose to choose a good chassis. In other words, people don't know what kind of index to choose the chassis according to. If people know those indexes, then people will know how to choose.

    A server chassis with good performance must have a good fan cooling system. The most feared thing about a computer is that the heat cannot be dissipated. This is so busy that it is easy to hurt the host. In addition, a good dust-proof net design is also required. The function of the dust-proof net is mainly to avoid blocking the cooling channel of the fan. As long as

    a server chassis with excellent performance meets the above two characteristics, it can basically be regarded as very good performance. In other words, no matter what brand, people only need to choose a chassis based on these two indicators, and then they can choose a chassis with excellent performance.