How to distinguish whether the industrial control chassis is faulty

Fri Dec 16 14:46:19 CST 2022

Whether it is an ordinary chassis or an industrial control chassis, there will be certain failures after we use it for a long time, but many people can't distinguish these failures, so they don't know that the chassis has failed and cannot be maintained in time. As a result, the life of the chassis is shortened, and the chassis of the industrial computer is the lifeline of the industrial computer and is indispensable, so how should we distinguish whether the chassis is faulty.

    First, listen to whether the industrial control cabinet makes any abnormal noise. Due to the impact of the environment in which the chassis of the industrial computer is placed, many people cannot hear whether there is any abnormal noise. In fact, you can hear it at close range. If there is an abnormal noise, it means that there is a problem with the chassis fan, and the chassis fan needs to be repaired.

    Second, check whether the temperature of the industrial control cabinet is normal. The chassis of an industrial computer generally has a heat dissipation function. If the temperature of the chassis is too high, it also indicates that the chassis is malfunctioning. At this time, you need to contact a professional to repair the chassis.