Role of server chassis

Fri Dec 16 15:49:34 CST 2022

1、 The server chassis has a hard shell, which can protect the card board, power supply and storage equipment of the server, and can play the role of anti pressure, dust and impact. At the same time, it can also play the role of anti electromagnetic interference and radiation and shield electromagnetic radiation.

2、 The role of the server chassis is not only this, but also can provide space for power supply, various expansion boards, optical disk, hard disk, floppy disk drives and other storage devices, and firmly fix the spare parts inside the server chassis through the internal support of the server chassis, various screws or clips to form an intensive whole.

3、 The server chassis can also provide many panel switch indicators to facilitate the operator to operate the microcomputer or observe the operation of the microcomputer.

4、 The key role of the server chassis should be to reduce the temperature of the server inside the chassis so that the server can work continuously without downtime.