Server computer case loud volume Quick resolution method

Fri Dec 16 14:56:58 CST 2022

If the case makes loud noises, it is generally due to the following three conditions:

1. The layout of the cable in the case is unreasonable, and the computer fan encounters the cable when it is rotating, which causes the problem of loud noise in the case;

2. The computer fan in the chassis is not installed firmly enough, and the vibration of the fan is caused when the fan rotates, which causes the chassis sound to suddenly increase;

3. Chassis fan product There is dust,When the fan rotates, the resistance increases, which will cause the computer fan to make a loud noise.

How to solve it quickly and effectively?

1. 1. First, the first step is to open the panel of the chassis, remove the power supply, remove the front panel of the chassis, and use a vacuum cleaner to suck away the dust in the panel, power supply, cpu heat sink, and graphics card fan (if any).  These places are the best places to hide ashes.

2. If you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, use Inflator It’s okay to blow hard at these places, it’s best to blow outside the house, because a lot of ash will be blown out.Wipe the inside of the case with a cloth dipped in alcohol,If there is no alcohol, just wipe it with a little water and a rag.

3. Then let it dry in a ventilated place for 1 hour. If you wipe it with water in the previous step, let it dry for a longer time. Finally, install the power supply case.

4. In addition, you can change a fan to remove dust.

This way our case will not make such a loud sound!

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