Server industry demand

Fri Dec 16 15:55:35 CST 2022

High performance server is a server with a price of more than 100000 yuan. It is widely used in government departments, scientific research, telecommunications, energy, finance and other industries. It plays an irreplaceable role in enhancing a country's scientific and technological competitiveness.

Information construction is the direct driving force for the growth of China's server market. China's "information driven industrialization" and the use of information technology to complete the transformation of traditional industries have become the common work faced by information industry and traditional industries. To realize the great leap forward development of China's information industry, China's information industry will add 100 billion yuan in the next five years. Especially with the continuous advancement of industrialization driven by informatization in China, the demand for it products and services in key industries represented by finance, telecommunications, transportation and education is growing rapidly.

The education grid project, the "school to school" project and the "ten billion" project (Modern Distance Education in rural primary and secondary schools and distance education for rural Party members and cadres) have been launched, and information construction projects such as campus network and digital library have been deepened, ushering in a high peak of server procurement in the education industry.

The in-depth development of government information construction, the construction of internal and external websites of government affairs system, the continuous deepening of "12 gold project", and the growth of new application demand for data mining, video conference and paperless office have promoted the stable growth of the server market.

The main applications of e-government server in the government industry include: basic applications such as portal website and government mailbox, applications in government office, applications of video, data and resource database, applications of middleware, applications of security and audit, applications of data backup, and applications of online application and approval. The government procurement server is mainly based on "inquiry" and "competitive negotiation", and the product type is mainly rack server. One of the important factors considered in procurement is energy saving and the disaster recovery and backup ability of the server system (considering information security, domestic brands have certain advantages)

Although the demand of the financial and telecom industries is slowing down, the emerging telecom value-added services represented by online games and video on demand are rising rapidly, which makes the server market full of vitality.

The telecom market is gradually moving towards openness and liberalization. The emerging new telecom services will continue to give birth to the big market. Behind the data value-added services is the fierce server competition. The server undertakes the key tasks of authentication, storage and operation of various value-added services. The requirements of the telecommunications industry for servers not only require the servers settled in this environment to have high-density characteristics, but also require these products to have strong stability, be able to effectively resist various natural disasters such as flood, fire and earthquake, and survive safely in an environment with abnormal temperature and humidity. Therefore, the performance and quality of servers have been concerned by users in the telecommunications industry. At the same time, with the different telecom value-added services, the requirements of customers in the telecom industry for products are "personalized". Server manufacturers must adopt the product R & D and solution customization strategy of market segmentation, and adopt the market segmentation strategy to produce various functional servers and professional servers according to the special needs of special customers.

From the perspective of industry market, although the traditional industry is still the main force of server market demand, the subdivided industry market, especially the Internet, has become the main force driving market growth. The rapid rise of CDN, video, online games, search engines and other applications has driven the vigorous development of Internet and telecom value-added services,

The continuous expansion of IT application demand of small and medium-sized enterprises has effectively promoted the development of medium and low-end server market. From the perspective of product technology, since the emergence of quad core technology, application segmentation has become the main trend of the current server industry. Rich product lines and differentiated and subdivided product design have become the key factors of competition.