The difference between server chassis and ordinary household chassis

Fri Dec 16 15:09:18 CST 2022

At certain times, it is operated in a highly corrosive environment, such as sea salt on the sea, automobile exhaust from highways, and gas from chemical plants are all highly corrosive. Therefore, anti-corrosion treatment must be done on the inside and outside of the chassis. The server chassis has been treated with anti-corrosion paint on the exterior of the chassis and the inner wall of the chassis.

Secondly, sometimes industrial computers will work in an oscillating environment. In some special cases, the oscillation will cause some electrical components in the case to touch the internal surface of the case. Because the inner wall of the case is conductive, it is easy to form a short circuit and burn the equipment. In response to this, the internal paint treatment of the server chassis makes the inner wall of the chassis non-conductive, which can prevent this kind of phenomenon from happening. However, the design of the inner wall of the non-conductive chassis often leads to higher challenges to the EMC planning of the server chassis. The server chassis is also non-conductive on the outside of the chassis, so it cannot form a conductor like a pc chassis. It has to leave a contact surface without painting in some directions to form a conductor and form an equipotential body on the outside of the chassis. Therefore, the processing process is more complicated. Generally, the cost is higher than that of a pc case.

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