The research report claims that China's domestic server industry chain is gradually being established

Fri Dec 16 11:46:34 CST 2022

    research institution under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China issued a white paper on the 3rd. It pointed out that with the support of open OpenPOWER technology, it gradually made up for the lack of key technologies for domestic servers. The domestic server industry chain is gradually being established and truly realized. To be autonomous and controllable.

    Power processors have the characteristics of high performance and high stability, and are widely used in core networks such as banks and telecommunications. It uses a streamlined instruction set, has higher computing efficiency and stability than x86 servers, and is a representative of high-end servers.

The "China OpenPOWER Industrial Ecological Development White Paper" issued by CCID Consulting, a research institution directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China Electronics Information Industry Development Research Institute on the 3rd, firstly analyzed China's national strategy for the development of IT technology. Under the strategy of "Made in China 2025" and "Internet +", it is emphasized that China is going from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country. The integration of industrialization and informatization can realize the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry and increase the added value of manufacturing products.

    The "White Paper" pointed out that under the current situation, the scale of China's IT market is showing rapid growth, and domestic server shipments are gradually increasing, and a very high growth rate is maintained. On the one hand, this growth is due to China’s increasing information security requirements, and on the other hand, it also marks the continuous improvement of domestic server technology. Domestic server manufacturers continue to improve their server R&D capabilities. The quality of servers represented by Huawei, Inspur and Lenovo has improved significantly. .

    Aiming at the current situation where enterprises have a vague understanding of the details of "independence, safety and control", the "White Paper" focuses on a detailed analysis of the development path proposed by "independence, safety and control". The independent development path is one by one from independent production, independent brand, independent research and development and independent intellectual property rights. At present, China's server industry is still in the stage of independent brand and is developing towards independent research and development. The controllable development path has gradually developed from transparency, openness and re-innovation. At present, transparency has been basically achieved, but there is still a certain gap between openness and re-innovation. The development path of security should pay attention to system security, network security and management security. Since management security has not received enough attention before, it should be paid special attention.

    At the critical moment of the development of China's OpenPOWER industry, the "White Paper on China's OpenPOWER Industrial Ecological Development" released by CCID Consulting analyzed the ecological development of OpenPOWER's open cooperation based on a detailed analysis of China's independent, safe and controllable development path. The model and the second generation of distributed computing have brought important development opportunities to the development of China's electronic information industry, aiming to provide a reference for the model innovation and macro decision-making of the country, localities and enterprises.