Where is the dead corner of the server chassis maintenance

Fri Dec 16 14:48:37 CST 2022

The server chassis is a kind of relatively "precious" machinery and equipment. Generally, it must be regularly dusted and maintained so that the machine can operate well. In fact, we often overlook some areas during maintenance, so what are the dead ends of our maintenance? Take a look at the advice of professional maintenance consultants.

    On the one hand, it is the treatment of heat dissipation and exhaust air from the server chassis. The radiator is very critical to the host, because the machine processes a large amount of data during operation, which will generate a lot of heat, so it must be dissipated in time. Generally, only the dust outside the host is removed during maintenance, but the dust on the fan is not clear in time. The long-term accumulation of dust will easily affect the machine.

    The second is the basic maintenance of the server chassis. In fact, there is no special attention to the daily maintenance of the host server, as long as it does not receive a serious impact, it can be used normally. Timely dust removal every day, and regular internal dust removal can ensure the normal use of the machine.