Why should the server be placed in the computer room?

Fri Dec 16 14:43:23 CST 2022

Whether a website can grow healthily or not, it is particularly important to choose a suitable server space, which is also a common topic in the industry. Here is a brief description of what aspects need to be considered when choosing a server, so that novices can recognize it as soon as possible. How to choose a server can be considered from four aspects: server health, stability, access speed, and function support:

(1) The health of the server The health of the server mentioned

here is mainly considered from other websites that share the same IP network segment with the server. Some websites on the same server and the same IP network segment are downgraded due to the use of black hat cheating. Right, if your website is also on this server at this time, even if you have not used any cheating methods and have no bad records, you may be deeply involved and be demoted at the same time. There have been such cases before. Suddenly a snapshot of a website that has always been normal is back to a month ago and its inclusion is stagnant. After checking the external links of the website and the content of the website to make sure that there is no problem, some black hat methods are generally used to quickly achieve the goal, which is the easiest Punished. Therefore, when we choose a website server, we must check whether IDC agrees to put this type of website, and check whether there are such types of websites in the IP network segment to be purchased and whether there are a large number of websites that have been penalized for downgrading. Own website is deeply implicated.

(2) The stability of the server is also very important to the stability of the server. If your server space often cannot be opened every three to five, it must be a huge blow to the website. It often appears when search engine spiders are crawling your website. Suddenly unable to crawl, this will definitely make your website not trusted by search engines, which will greatly reduce the crawling and crawling of search engine spiders, so that the inclusion of website pages will definitely be affected, especially for a For new sites without any weight, search engines will always think that your website is not ready, or even think that you have closed your website. I have used some free space before, and this situation often occurs. The website cannot be opened for three days and cannot be solved quickly, so the website is only left with the homepage, and the website snapshot is back to a few months ago , It still has not recovered and only included 3 pages. Therefore, when we choose the space, we cannot buy anything cheap. We must consider the stability of the host and take a look at the reputation. It is best to have a trial period. 

(3) Server access speed

In order to avoid the trouble of website filing, many domestic webmasters choose overseas hosts to place their websites. The opening speed of many inferior server spaces in China is really too slow. This seriously affects the user experience of the website. When we open When the response of a web page is too slow, we often choose to close the website directly, which greatly increases the bounce rate of the website. At the same time, when search engine spiders come to crawl our web pages, they visit our website as a visitor. Yes, when the spider crawling webpage is blocked, it may give up and stop continuing to crawl. At this time, the inclusion of our website will also be affected. The ultimate goal of search engines is to serve users, and the slower access speed increases the bounce rate. The website is definitely unfavorable. Therefore, when we choose server space, we must choose a high-quality space with fast access speed.

(4) server support function

server support also includes many aspects, of course, the more complete the better, whether to support the static url is a very important function, either linux or windows hosts are host can support this feature , Doing a good job of URL static is also very helpful for SEO. At the same time, some hosts will also support 301 redirect and 404 pages, which can be set directly in the background of the host, which is very convenient to use. At the same time, we also found that some hosts do not support server logs. This is not good for us to understand the situation of the website. , It is best to choose what can be supported. In this way, we can understand the accurate status of the website by checking the server log.

All in all, a good server space has a great impact on the website. A stable space can allow the website to develop steadily and continuously. A low-quality space may make your previous efforts in vain, so we are choosing server space It must be thoughtful.