how to ensure the data security of blockchain?

Fri Dec 16 15:45:23 CST 2022

1. Create hardware security barriers for blockchain

"Software protection extension (SGX) is a hardware based trusted execution environment and an important system function in Intel's third-generation Xeon scalable processors."

SGX is characterized by ensuring data security in the computing process, while Tencent cloud is seeking confidential computing or privacy computing technology to ensure the security and privacy of converged computing and data in the case of data sharing and fusion.

Based on SGX technology, Tencent cloud data link products build a bottom-up software technology stack from the bottom hardware to provide assistance to customers at the levels of "data ecological construction, data governance extension, data value mining".

"SGX technology can better ensure the security of blockchain in terms of contract and computing.

2. SGX update and optimization direction

Intel SGX technology has been released with the 6th generation core processor to provide security protection for lightweight applications such as host DRM, password protection and electronic payment signature. With the migration of massive data to the cloud, memory security isolation has become an urgent problem for enterprises. The concept of confidential computing is proposed to protect data in use. Intel technical experts point out that as a core As a chip manufacturer, Intel has seen the development trend of confidential computing and has also integrated SGX technology into the fields of servers, virtual machines and so on.

3. Get through the data island

From the perspective of blockchain development, blockchain is a trusted infrastructure. Based on blockchain alliance chain technology, Tencent cloud has implemented a large number of application scenarios such as supply chain finance, food traceability, trusted vouchers, electronic invoices and financial bills.

From the perspective of chip manufacturers, Intel's technical experts believe that with the more and more extensive and in-depth application of blockchain, the optimization of CPU, software and ecology is becoming more and more important. For the optimization of specific workload of blockchain and the formulation of blockchain standards and specifications, Intel is also continuing to layout and plan, and hopes to work closely with Tencent cloud to provide practical solutions for blockchain Provide strong underlying technical support for land problems.